Sunday Inspiration {Veggie Side Dishes}

Cucumber Tomato Salad 1

I love me some roasted green beans and this kicked up version looks amazing.

Fall is right around the corner. Get some butternut squash in your life.

I’m not a huge asparagus fan but cover it in feta and I’m totally on board.

These eggplant bites look like crispy perfection.

I’ve made this Mexican street corn several times. Totally yum.

Get your Chinese takeout fix with this healthy cauliflower fakeout.

We went to Rib Fest a couple weeks ago and had the best, slightly sweet coleslaw that I just haven’t be able to get out of my mind. This looks like a great version.

This magic broccoli is another tried and true recipe.

Healthy veggie side dish? No. Mouthwatering? Yes.

Drooling over these sweet potato wedges with bacon vinaigrette. Yep. BACON VINAIGRETTE.

Yet another recipe we love. Parmesan and black pepper zucchini is on point (do people still say that?).

*Tomato Cucumber Salad picture above.


Sunday Inspiration {After School Snacks}

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips 4
Noah will be eating lunch at 10:30 at school, ridiculous right? There are over 700 kids in his elementary school so I’m sure they have quite a lunch schedule but that just seems crazy early to me. So, needless to say, we will be needing a big time snack after school. Especially considering he goes until 3:40. I plan on making dirt in mason jars as a fun first day of school snack but otherwise we’ll opt for healthy options that won’t fill him up too much.

I love this roll-up idea (plus there’s a list of 24 other ideas!). They would be a great lunch option too.

Fun ways to present yogurt, which my kids love. Frozen always makes it more fun. This one too.

Fruit sushi is way too fun to resist.

We like a good savory snack, this one looks incredible.

We go through store-bought versions of fruit leather like nobody’s business. It would be fun to make a homemade version.

So much yes to these frozen peanut butter chocolate bananas.

We love popcorn and this looks like a fun flavor combo.

Presentation can make all the difference in getting kids to eat something healthy. This fruit salad in orange halves is way too cute.

These mini muffins are packed with whole grains and veggies and sweetened with pure maple syrup.

We make smoothie pops all the time. Seems like they are having a sweet treat but instead they filling up on fruit, yogurt and all the good things. Just freeze your favorite smoothie and enjoy.

This strawberry pretzel parfait looks amazing anytime of the day.

*Fruit Salsa picture above can be found here.


Sunday Inspiration {Back to School Meals Edition}

One Pot SpaghettiHow is it August already? This was pretty much the quickest summer ever and Noah will be starting kindergarten in 10 DAYS! So if you need me, I’ll be in the corner crying. Does everyone else start this early? It always seems nice when the kids are out of school in early May but then August runs around and bam, it’s all over. With school and sports starting up soon, I decided to compile some quick and simple meals that will be easy to throw together on those busy nights.

These skewers. Because we all know, if it’s on a stick a kid will eat it.

A cheese quesadilla as a base for pizza. Enough said right.

Slow cookers are where it’s at when it comes to busy nights. This Cashew Chicken looks to die.

This Chili Tortellini looks like a family pleaser.

A fun, healthy spin on Chinese takeout.

All of my people are seafood fans so this would be a winner.

I love the sweet and spicy combination of this slow cooker chipotle pork with pineapple slaw.

My kids will always eat a sandwich, especially sliders, so these are definitely happening.

This quick shrimp taco salad looks incredible and super easy.

If your kids don’t like these slow cooker spaghettios and meatballs then I don’t know what to tell you.

Another healthy version of takeout that is done in a flash.

Buzzfeed saves the day again with a roundup of 27 weeknight meals your kids will love.

This slow cooker whole chicken can be a simple meal or transform into pulled chicken sandwiches, chicken salad and more.

I’m dying to try this kalua pig.

*One Pot Spaghetti pictured above.


Sunday Inspiration {Stadium Food}

Cheese Curds 3
Noah’s 5th birthday party was yesterday and it went off without a hitch (I’ll share details on Friday). It was sports themed so today I’m sharing some elevated stadium food.

The United Hot Dogs of America. What do you think about your state? I’m down with ours, like a giant pig-in-a-blanket.

And some more crazy loaded dogs. Buffalo dog? Um, yes please.

Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade. Made this for Noah’s party. Good stuff.

Those cinnamon roasted almonds you can get at the game? Here’s a kicked up version. Yum.

Pretzels + Pizza. Pretty much the best stadium foods.

I love getting a frozen lemonade at baseball games. This looks like an amazing variation.

I’m always down for some onion rings.

Fancy pants popcorn.

I love me some stadium nachos.

Exercise? I thought you said extra fries. Hahaha, gets me every time.

Funnel cakes are a major favorite in our house. This is a fun little twist.

*Cheese curds pictured above can be found here.



Sunday Inspiration {Summer Crafts + Science Edition}

Candy Land
After everything I’ve eaten this weekend, I just couldn’t bare looking at food so I decided to gather up some fun crafts and activities to keep the kiddos busy this summer. Noah is super creative and doesn’t spend a lot of time playing with toys but rather building and creating. We plan on doing lots of projects and experiments this summer to keep busy. We try to keep them simple at this point since Noah doesn’t have a super long attention span and projects are sometimes hard to do with “destructor,” aka Hannah, running around. Here’s some we plan on trying this summer.

My boys made this together and love playing with it.

We love sidewalk chalk at our house so this will be a major hit.

Food + Fun will keep the kids busy.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are fish so all these water ideas will keep them busy for hours.

Noah loves to know how things work (How It’s Made is one of his favorite shows) so he would just love this experiment.

A marshmallow catapult. I mean, come on.

More fun, colorful science.

Total mess, but looks like a blast. Use water ideas above after….

Fun crafts to feed your favorite feathered friends.

We’ve already done this several times this summer and it’s a big hit.

Cheap and fun and cools you off.

I remember my mom making peanut butter play dough when I was a kid. Definitely becoming a tradition for us too.

Sunday Inspiration {4th of July Edition}

4th of July Pudding Pops 5

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I just love the fireworks, barbeques and hanging out with family and friends. We always go to the college homerun derby (the College World Series is hosted in Omaha) with a big fireworks show after. That is usually on the 3rd so on the 4th we get together with family friends and blow up stuff. I’m a pyro at heart so it brings me much joy. With so much love for the 4th, I naturally enjoy a good themed food for the holiday. Here are some of my favorites around the internets.

Dying over the layered cuteness.

Because fireworks and booze go together.

So fun for the kids.

Loving these.

I only think of fudge at Christmastime but yes.

Get your healthy on.

ALL the sprinkles.

Fireworks and sugar cookies are two of my favorite things in life.

Keep these away from the kiddies.

Love me some smoothies.

Adore this.

This party, I mean.

A little bit fancy.

What’s more American than apple pie? With a couple fun twists!

*Pudding Pops picture above are here.

Sunday Inspiration {Father’s Day Edition}

Corn Dogs 3
Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there and especially to all the men in my life. To my dad, thank you for always being a positive role model of what a loving, dedicated father and husband should be. For helping me with my math homework, even when I didn’t get the way you explained it which ended in frustration on both ends and me storming off. I would get so irritated at the time but looking back, it ended like that at times because we are the same person. I didn’t see it then. I hope that I portray the strong, silent type as well as you do. Thank you for my baggy, squinty eyes because when I see them, I see you. For teaching me to be strong, to always have respect for myself and not take any crap from anybody. Thank you for loving my kids with all your heart and making them follow the rules (even when they don’t like it).

To Joel, becoming parents has changed us. It brought my stress to a higher level and my patience to a lower one. Thank you for rounding me out, for reminding me that the world will not implode if we’re late or the house is a mess or a birthday party isn’t pinterest perfect. Thank you for coming home from work and going right into dad mode even though you are tired too. For seeking out opportunities to spend quality time with our babies. Thank you for loving us more than your job and always having a good balance.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. Here’s some manly food to celebrate the dude’s in your life.

Beer + Cheese.

Beer + Batter. Are you sensing a trend?

This is one man pleasing pizza.

What’s a manly food round-up without a burger?

Or something buffalo wing flavored?


All the spicy.

Ridiculous and intense uses for bacon.

Hot dogs galore right here.

Brownies can be manly too.

*Corn Dogs pictured above can be found here.