Photo Friday

Pioneers Park - Old School House
I realized I’ve pretty much only shared pictures of my kids on Photo Friday’s. Mostly because they are the main attraction and I’m kind of obsessed with capturing every moment. But this weekend we went to Pioneers Park Nature Center and there was actually other things to photograph besides my children and food.

Like these baby geese.
Pioneers Park - Baby Geese
And this bunny.
Pioneers Park - Bunny
But my favorite find of all was this old school house. I have a thing for old doors. Our guest room is filled with photos of doors from all over and have been framed with old barn wood.
Pioneers Park - Door of School House
So I was pretty excited to have another to add to the collection.
Pioneers Park - Door of School House
Although Noah and I aren’t super nature-y, it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the family. To clarify, I love nature and it’s beauty, I just don’t like it to get on me.


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