Photo Friday

My main squeeze graduated from preschool on Saturday and his last day of school was yesterday. Hold me. There are times that I am so ready for him to go to Kindergarten but the thought of it kind of makes me hyperventilate at the same time. We are so sad to be leaving his amazing teachers at his preschool and he was pretty bummed about that which breaks my heart.

I talked about graduation day on Monday so I won’t repeat myself with the details but I still wanted to share some pictures from the day.

The school set up a table with pictures of all the kids and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Man, I love this kid.
Getting ready to sing us some songs and his favorite was “We’ll Be Going to Kindergarten in the Fall.”
Family picture.
Being a goofball with Uncle Trey.
And more goofball behavior.
I had to throw this one in too. After the graduation and lunch, we went back to the house for cupcakes and fun. The babies were waiting rather impatiently for the bounce house to be blown up outside.


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