Extra Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken {Crazy Cooking Challenge}

Fried Chicken Collage


When I saw that the “recipe” for this month’s Crazy Cooking Challenge was fried chicken I may have let out a little squeal. I will full-heartedly admit that fried chicken is my favorite food. God was in a very good mood when he gave whoever invented it the idea! I mean, it’s crunchy, juicy, greasy, salty…the things deliciousness are made of. As much as I love it, I very rarely eat it and never make it homemade. We don’t really ever fry anything so it’s just an occasional indulgence when we go out to eat. But I was more than happy to give it an attempt at home for the sake of the Challenge. DSC_0120

I found a billion different blogger recipes I wanted to try but I decided on this one because it was created based on Popeye’s Chicken and you just can’t go wrong with that. It was just as the name states and totally delicious. Whenever I need a crispy, fried indulgence this is exactly what will pop into my head and cook up on my stove!


Extra Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken
recipe fromΒ From Away

3 eggs
1/3 cup water
1 cup hot red pepper sauce (I like Louisiana Hot Sauce)
4 cups flour
2 teaspoon pepper
2 teaspoon paprika
3 teaspoons cayenne pepper
1 quart buttermilk (optional)
Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder (to taste)
1 (1 to 2 1/2-pound) chicken, cut into pieces Peanut Oil, for fryingDSC_0124

1. Place cut-up chicken in a large bowl, and cover with buttermilk. Cover and chill for two hours, or overnight. This is an optional (but recommended) step.

2. In a large bowl, add eggs, water, and red pepper sauce. Whisk until combined.

3. In a large gallon freezer bag, mix flour, pepper, paprika, and cayenne.

4. Remove chicken from buttermilk (if marinated) and sprinkle lightly with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

5. Place all chicken pieces in freezer bag with flour mixture. Shake until all pieces are evenly coated.

6. Remove chicken pieces one at a time, shaking excess flour. Dip each piece in the egg mixture, and return to bag of flour. After all pieces of been dipped in the egg mixture and put back in the bag, give it a second shake to coat chicken pieces again.

7. Heat oil in deep fryer or deep pan to 350 degrees. Working in batches, drop each piece of chicken into the hot oil. Fry for 15-18 minutes, or until golden brown, turning occasionally if oil does not completely cover chicken. Keep in mind that dark meat chicken takes longer to cook than white meat. Watch your wing segments, as well; these will finish cooking first.
Fried Chicken Collage


84 thoughts on “Extra Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken {Crazy Cooking Challenge}

  1. I just want to peel the skin off your chicken and eat it for the rest of my life. I will have to come back to this recipe because I think Husband will really enjoy it.


  2. i made this for my boyfriend and he and his friends absolutely loved it…!!it was compared to kfc!! *blush …i shoulv used the whole cup of hot sauce instead of half though…really yummmy n crispyyy πŸ™‚


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  4. A buttermilk soak is not optional if you want your chicken to be juicy and tender. I don’t use any eggs. I put hot sauce, salt, sugar, and pressed garlic right in the buttermilk and let the chicken soak in that overnight, so it’s basically brined in buttermilk, then the chicken goes into flour seasoned with sweet paprika, cayenne, and fresh ground black pepper.

    I let it sit in the flour for about 45 minutes before frying, because it will cook more evenly if it’s not as cold, and the breading adheres better if it sits (the flour absorbs the liquid). You can leave it in the flour or put it on a cooling rack for that time, but it makes a difference in the final product. The other trick is to never let your oil drop below 375. If the oil isn’t hot enough at any point, the chicken will be greasy.

    Another way to do it is to make batter fried chicken. The trick with that is to pat the chicken dry, flour it, then dip it in batter. Flouring first helps the batter to stick. πŸ™‚

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    • It isn’t absolutely isn’t that you fry in peanut oil it is just the prefered oil as it neutral and won’t impart any flavor on the chicken. It also has a high smoke point so it can be brought to a higher temperature. I have used veggie oil in the past with good results.

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  7. Hello…

    Chicken looks amazing….. For those who are interested, here is a link to a demo video on how to cut up a whole chicken into pieces….

    The Test Kitchen: How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken – Gourmet Magazine ….. That is the name of the video you can google that within Youtube and find it that way too…. Take care all…… Happy New Year…. Kelly

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  10. I had this recipe pinned (from Pinterest) and my youngest son (who’s 7) got to pick tonight’s dinner, but it had to be chicken. So he was looking on my Chicken board and chose your recipe! πŸ™‚ I was glad he did. I LOVE fried chicken! Can’t wait for dinner! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing.


  11. I love Popeye’s spicy chicken!! There’s no Popeye’s where I live so it’s on my list of places to visit when I’m home! I will definitely be trying this recipe soon! Thanks for sharing it!


  12. I tried this recipe tonight, and for the amount of work & mess involved I didn’t think it was that great. It was OK, and the hot sauce gave it a nice subtle flavor, but it was mostly pretty bland. If I made it again I would at least add some salt or something to the flour mixture. I expected it to have more of a kick, and even though I thought it wasn’t too bad I definitely wouldn’t make it again.

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  13. Did you use a deep fryer or just a deep pan for frying? I’m using legs for this and just hope to be able to cook them thoroughly while not burning the outside.


  14. I agree that soaking in buttermilk is an absolute must any time you are frying chicken. Actually, I soak everything I fry in buttermilk..it’s unsouthern not to! Also, I’ve always fried everything is self rising flour. It makes a better crust (in my opinion)

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  18. Not much flavor and the coating did not stick to the chicken i am surprized it did smell great so im going to inject the sauce right into the chicken and see what happens and change a few thing i wdll let you know how it comes out


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  21. I just made this but using boneless chicken breasts instead for spicy chicken sandwiches.. Came out fantastic! They tasted great and cooked relatively fast. I high recommend this recipe.


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  24. I pinned this recipe almost a year ago and never managed to find the time and patience to try it out. Until today.
    I love love love this recipe! Thank you so much for putting it online. I made waaay too much so i have a bag of coated chicken left in the fridge for tomorrow. I live in the Netherlands and sadly we don’t have a Popeye’s restaurant so this is the closest i’ll come to one for now πŸ™‚


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    • I haven’t tried baking it but it’s worth a try. I would cover a baking sheet with foil then place a wire rack with nonstick spray on top. Then place the chicken on the rack and spray generously with olive oil spray (or brush lightly with some melted butter) then flip and spray again halfway through baking. Bake at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. Let me know how it turns out if you try it!


  26. Nothing beats some smart, old style Southern preparation, and you are certain to get the total family on-board with this reaper formula for Popeye’s Extra-Crispy Spicy deep-fried Chicken with Delta Sauce. The Delta sauce is slightly spicy and fully divine. once the family is yearning for a fast and delicious chicken formula, nothing tiptop a aper formula of Popeye’s chicken! don’t pay all of your cash on fast-food, if you’ll build even higher food even as simply reception

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  27. Omg! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I LOVE Popeyes chicken. Can’t wait to try this. I can never get my chicken to stay crispy. After it’s on the plate a little while my crunch goes soft


  28. It looks amazing! I’m am going to make it today. I do have one question though, I am wondering what it means when it says cut chicken. Are we supposed to cut it?


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  30. We just ran across this recipe and Hubby is trying it out! He added a little more Tabasco sauce to the Louisiana sauce to give it more of a spicy kick to it. We will see how it comes out!! SO excited, have never eaten Popeyes before so, this is as close as I have gotten to eating it haha. We will update when we finish eating xD thank you!!!!


  31. This recipe is perfection. Super crispy and delish! I soaked thighs and legs in buttermilk overnight. Exceeded my expectations. This is now my go to fried chicken recipe. Thanks!


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  34. hi! I’m so looking forward to trying this recipe tonight. Just a quick question what did you do with the chicken that was already cooked? Did you keep it in the oven on warm? Or will that dry out the chicken? Thanks😊


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  36. Made this recipe tonight. This was my first time frying chicken and it came out amazing! Thank you! Also, I didn’t have buttermilk or regular milk so I combined soy milk and lemon juice to make a substitute. Chicken was moist and tender.


  37. I tried this, and it is the best fried chicken! Ever! If I didn’t want it as spicy and didn’t put as much hot sauce in the egg mixture, would that change the “batter” and therefore the crispiness?


  38. This looks delicious and I want to make it soon! But it will be my first time making fried chicken so kind of nervous! But I don’t know how I feel about cutting up a whole chicken, I have a raw chicken phobia and don’t like to handle raw chicken too long..is there any other way to do this?


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