Great American Smokeout

When I was young, we were in Pennsylvania visiting my dad’s family. We lived in Germany at the time so we didn’t get back to visit too often. And I was incredibly shy and it took me awhile to warm up. During the visit, I saw my Grandma smoking outside. I got upset, really upset. Everyone was asking me what was wrong. I would only whisper to my mom with my little speech impediment “Grandma is poking (smoking), she’s gonna die.” Yep, my parents used the scare tactic on me. And it worked. I’ve never smoked and have never been tempted to give it a try. Well, I think this was the final push that my Grandma needed. She quit shortly after and hasn’t smoked since.

Today is the 36th annual Great American Smokeout. Smoking is something that claims way too many lives and causes way too much suffering. I personally have lost loved ones due to smoking. So I would like to encourage any of you out there that smoke to give it up. And to those who have friends or family that are smokers, encourage them to quit today. Use the scare tactic if needed. It just might work.

Smoke ribs not cigs!


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